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About Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is the type of massage patients receive in clinics and its effects can influence soft tissue healing, circulation, muscle tone, muscle flexibility and pain. Therapeutic massage is an umbrella term that includes different massage concepts.

The massage experience may vary depending on the concept used, the state of the injury and the patient’s pain threshold. You always need to liaise with your physiotherapist and agree the level of pressure which is acceptable. Although, therapeutic massage can be relaxing at times, its not aiming on relaxation but to influence the recovery of the treated area.

We are trained in several therapeutic massage concepts including Swedish massage, myofascial (soft tissue) release, trigger point pressure release, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and lymphatic drainage massage. Following assessment of your condition we will decide which concept or combination of concepts is more appropriate for your case.

If you live in Birmingham and you require an appointment, then please call us on 0121 455 0555 or you can send us an email here.


Accupuncture Treatment Includes:
  • Conducting an Assessment
  • Establishing Goals
  • Working Through The Goals
  • Supporting Your Rehabilitation
What Our Clients Say

Edgbaston Physiotherapy Clinic has provided physiotherapy services for over 45 years and we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients. Read some of our testimonials below from patients who have used our physiotherapy services.

"Very friendly and professional physiotherapists. Every member of staff made me feel welcome, and so far the recommended treatments and exercises have had a positive effect."  

Rob Stoubos


"Knowledgeable and skilled, friendly and compassionate. Isaak and George have worked well with my husband following a shoulder replacement and nerve damage. I'd be happy to highly recommend the practice."

Liz Murphy


"A very professional service, They did an amazing job for me and it really helped me. If you are looking for a great physio I can truly recommend them to anyone who needs physiotherapy."

Greg Leupold

Sales Manager

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