Conditions we treat

We are able to treat a wide-range of musculo-skeletal, neurological and vestibular conditions. Mr. Maddox has more than 45 years of experience in treating a wide-range of orthopaedic and neurological conditions:

• Spinal problems such as back and neck pain.

• Joint problems due to injuries, inflammatory or degenerative conditions.

• Sports injuries.

• Muscle and tendon lesions resulting from sudden injuries or over-use.

• Neurological conditions, such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, paraplegia and head injuries.

• Post-operative rehabilitation following surgical procedures such as joint replacements.

• Post-trauma rehabilitation following severe injuries such as road accidents.

• Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Treatments we provide

All members of the physiotherapy staff specialise in manual therapy, such as:

• Massage.

• Myofascial Release.

• Mobilisation.

• Manipulation.

Exercise plays a central role in rehabilitation, the aims of which include:

• Muscle Strengthening.

• Stretching.

• Power.

• Cardiovascular Training.

• Core-Stability.

• Proprioception.

• Pilates.

• Postural Correction.

We also offer all the latest forms of electro-medical treatments:

• Curapuls (PEME).

• Ultrasonics.

• Interferential.

• Probe LASER.

• Diode LASER (Sonacell Photron).

• Progressive Treatment Units (incl. Faradic muscle stimulation).

• Therapeutic Microwave.


• Infra-red / radiant heat treatments.

• Biofeedback Systems Dual EMG.

We also have equipment for a wide range of rehabilitation, including “mechanical” treatments such as:

• Lumbar and Cervical Traction.

• Podiatron / Balance Master (for ankle & balance rehabilitation

• Mini-Trampoline.

• Swiss Ball.

• Tilting Boards.

• Flexi-bar.

• Foam Roller.

All members of the clinic keep up-to-date with the latest sources of information provided by professional journals, the internet and our own library of physiotherapy and medical text books, plus a database of articles on a variety of common and uncommon conditions; they also regularly attend courses and evening lectures for CPD (Continued Professional Development).

We keep a stock of various aids and appliances which patients may need to purchase, such as splints, bandages, corsets, heat packs, ice packs and Theraband.

Genuine Testimonials from our previous clients:

"Very friendly and professional physiotherapists. Every member of staff made me feel welcome, and so far the recommended treatments and exercises have had a positive effect."

"Professional, highly experienced and knowledgeable. I was treated by Mr Maddox 15 years ago (from a recommendation) and I recommended him to others. I looked for him again because I knew he would listen and then treat."

"We are absolutely delighted with what Mr Maddox Junior and Senior are doing and we are thinking of asking for more sessions per week."

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For professional physiotherapy in Edgbaston, Birmingham call (0121) 455 0555
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For professional physiotherapy in Edgbaston, Birmingham call (0121) 455 0555
For professional physiotherapy in Edgbaston, Birmingham call (0121) 455 0555
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