Barry T. Maddox

Barry Maddox trained as a physiotherapist at the Royal Hospital, Wolverhampton, and qualified in 1966 after which he worked at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, from 1966 to 1969, where he gained valuable experience in treating a wide range of medical and surgical conditions, and was eventually asked to give talks to the Medical Students on Positive Pressure Ventilation with Bird respirators.
He was then invited to join Bernard Thomas (Physiotherapist to the England Cricket Team) at the Edgbaston Health Clinic, where Mr Maddox worked from 1970 to 2000. During this time he was physiotherapist to:
England, Wales, Great Britain and Southgate (European Champions) Men’s Hockey Teams (10 years).
England Schools Badminton Association (8 years).
Alta Disabled Swimming Team (20 years).
The Birmingham Royal Ballet (7 years).
He has attended over 130 post-graduate courses, including McKenzie, Maitland, Cyriax, Proprioneuromuscular Facilitation, Mobilisation of the Nervous System (Butler), Electrotherapy Courses (Tim Watson), Laser Therapy (Thor), Biofeedback, Clinical Isokinetics, Physiology of Exercise, McConnell Taping Techniques, Clinical Reasoning, Evidence Based Medicine and Critical Appraisal of Literature, etc.
Mr Maddox has always attended regular CPD evenings and study days held by the various local orthopaedic clinics, for example, The Midland Orthopaedic Practice, The Birmingham Knee and Shoulder Clinic, The Birmingham Foot and Ankle Clinic, The Birmingham Hip Clinic, etc.
He has written many papers for professional journals, such as the BASM and ACPSM journals and for the McKenzie Institute; also for sporting magazines, such as the Hockey News and the Badminton Gazette; he wrote the chapter on 'Rehabilitation in Sport' in Thomas Reilly’s book, "Sports Fitness and Sports Injuries".
Mr Maddox has also been asked to review many books on physiotherapy-related subjects, including "Donatelli’s Physical Therapy of The Shoulder" and Brownstein and Bronner’s "Functional Movement in Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy" for the British Association of Sport and Medicine.
He has lectured at many physiotherapy meetings in England, Holland, the United States, India and Hong Kong on a range of subjects, including Over-use Injuries, “Growing Pains”, Injuries in Hockey, Injuries in Badminton, Injuries to the Skin, etc. Having been a SCUBA diver for many years, he feels his most auspicious talk was to an audience of about 300 delegates at an annual conference of the International Organisation of Casualty Offices on the subject of "The Dangers of Scuba Diving".
His main leisure interests are music and art; he plays saxophones and clarinet in "The Shamanaires Big Band" and Dr. John Ruddick's Rehearsal Band, "The Martineau Big Band", and likes to listen to many different genres of music from Classical to Jazz.
He studied music at the University of Birmingham where he was awarded The Diploma of Higher Education in Jazz Studies.
Mr. Maddox is also keen on painting and drawing and has been attending courses on portrait painting for more than 20 years.

Injuries to Musicians and Dancers

Mr. Maddox and his clinic have been appointed by the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) as a physiotherapist with specialist knowledge to treat injuries to musicians and dancers in the west Midlands.

As a musician himself, he has an "inside knowledge" of the type of problems which musicians face in having to cope with long hours of disciplined practise

Isaak Tyros

Isaak completed his BSc in Physical Therapy at the Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki/Greece in 2009. The same year he started working as a sports physiotherapist for the Hellenic Swimming Federation (Greece’s national swimming team). His work there coincided with significant distinctions of Greece in open water swimming in both European and World championships. 

In September 2011 Isaak left his post and Greece in order to continue his studies in musculoskeletal physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham which offers one of the leading
postgraduate courses in Manual Therapy in the United Kingdom. After 2 years of study, clinical placements and intensive research, Isaak completed his Masters in Advanced Manipulative Physiotherapy and became a member of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP). His primary research interest was in exploring the reliability of the tuning fork as a means of testing vibration sensibility in a group of Whiplash Associated Disorders sufferers. Isaak’s study was published in two national and one international conferences and received 3 awards from the CSP, MACP and Elsevier. 
Since 2013 Isaak is actively involved with teaching at the University of Birmingham and has been a visiting lecturer for the University of East London. He was involved with both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and his teaching was mainly focused on Manual Therapy. 

Moreover, Isaak is an accredited MACP clinical mentor and has strong links with the University of Birmingham (co-ordinating research projects and offering specialist clinical placements to post-graduate students in his clinics). 

Being a semi-professional musician (bass guitarist) since 2002, Isaak has a clinical interest in performing arts medicine and has recently joined the register of the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM).

Nov/2014, Recipient of CSP’s “Research Priorities Master's dissemination award”
Oct/2014, Recipient of the 
“MACP/Elsevier Presentation Award”
Jun/2013, Recipient of CSP’s 
Charitable Trust “Academically Accredited Courses Award”
Apr/2013, Recipient of MACP’s ‘‘MSc/PGT ROUTE’’ bursary

Heneghan, N.R., Smith, R., Tyros, I., Falla, D. and Rushton, A. (2017) Thoracic dysfunction in whiplash associated disorders: A systematic review. Currently under review for publication in PLoS ONE journal.

Tyros, I., Soundy, A. & Heneghan, N.R. (2016) Vibration sensibility of the median nerve in a population with chronic whiplash associated disorder: Intra- and inter-rater reliability study. Manual Therapy, 25 (2016) 81-86


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Tyros, I. et al. (2014) Intra- and inter-rater reliability of the tuning fork when measuring vibration sensibility of the median nerve in a population with a history of WAD. Physiotherapy UK 2014, Conference & Trade exhibition, Birmingham, 11-12 October2014

Tyros, I. and Heneghan, N.R. (2013) Inter-rater reliability of the tuning fork when measuring vibration thresholds on a radial nerve distribution. Physiotherapy UK 2013, Conference & Trade exhibition, Birmingham, 11-12 October 2013


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